Verify your information

I recently had the privilege of attending a convention and training in another major city besides mine.

I was leaving the hotel and summoned a popular ride service to get from the hotel to the airport.  Of course, in their app, when a driver agrees to pick you up, you get their name, their picture, the make and model of car they are driving, and their license plate.   Me being the untrained traveler that I am, got into a car that I shouldnt have.


Where did I mess up?

I didn’t verify the information that I had with the information provided to me.  Make and model closely matched, but the plates and the driver didn’t.  Thats where I messed up.   I realized it when it was too late.  I was already in the car and on the highway heading to, hopefully, to the airport.   Suddenly, my parents voices were in my head “Don’t get into cars with strangers.”


“Glad you’re safe and all but how does this apply to IT?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.   When companies try to promise you that their products can do X, Y, and Z, checks all of your boxes and gives you the world on a silver platter, you may want to take a step back and research so and so company and make sure that they truly can fulfill your requirements.

How do you do this?

Ask around.   There are vendor/product-agnostic communities out there of IT people that are willing to tell you what you want to know in regards to that vendor’s product.   Seek out unbiased feedback.   Do your due diligence. You never know.   That vendor may be able to provide you with all of your requirements, or they may be inadvertently causing you to void another companies support/warranty contract, or worse, break another product altogether.

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